Friday, December 22, 2006

Devil got the best tunes

David Baddeil the comedian and writer admitted whilst on television that having reached public school, he was all set on being a punk rocker until the day he heard Genesis on the radio and then he was [smitten] hooked. How relieved were his family? How disappointed were they when they found out it was the progressive rock group and not the good book? How pleased is he, that he didn’t share this story with Frank Skinner fellow comedian and former flat mate.


Learn Spanish said...

Nice post. Funny point about Genesis not being a book. hehe

David Allen said...

Funny fella that Frank Skinner. I think he is on the Jonathan Ross show next week. He is on one chat show or another anyway. Hope I can catch it.

Jasper Carrot is another from the region that used to be funny but now just talks about balls and not very well either.