Thursday, May 18, 2006

Around and about

The cement mixer in the foreground marks the begining of the construction of a swimming pool in our neighbours garden. The process will take three months to complete.

The last of the winter snows cap the peaks of the nearby Pyranees.

The birds in the picture are egrets they feed on
grasshoperrs and crickets on the grass lands near us.

Last year Mrs. Gravy and I stalked an egret on our own land. I played the part of the wild life expert teaching Carol how to creep up on the bird, describing it´s life style in the process. She was most impressed and rather excited until she raised the Binoculars and said ,"It´s a carrier bag!"

Deflated is putting it mildly!

views from the house

Mrs Gravy on the grass cutter. Looks like a lawn from the house but it is full of weeds up close

The fields around us are a rich verdent green with the growth of the spring barley

extra photos Colin